Jake Jacklich, CFP®
Dawn M. Peters, J.D.*
One Columbus Center, Suite 800
Virginia Beach, VA 23462
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Standard of Care

We understand that you have a unique Practice, family, lifestyle and financial goals. We are here to help you make informed decisions about your money so that you can focus on those things that are most important to you. We’ll work together to understand where you are in life and where you want to go.

What You Get

We’ll provide you with eleven deliverables that can help you get your financial house in appropriate order. These deliverables will help you gain confidence about your financial decisions. You will also get your valuable time back allowing you to better focus on your most important priorities.

  1. Comprehensive data gathering & an annual financial strategy update. We will read and review every document related to your personal finances. We will put together a complete and thorough analysis of your financial picture focusing on your values, goals, relevant obstacles to be overcome and benchmarking your progress.
  2. Action Plan. As your personal financial “catalyst for change,” we will hold you accountable to the implementation steps that you decide need to occur. Each time we meet, we will work on our straightforward, chronological list of action steps needed to implement your financial plan. Our shared personal accountability for this work will help you stay on track and work toward accomplishing your financial goals.
  3. Progress Review Meetings. We will meet to update your action plan, review progress towards your goals and address any issues or concerns that have arisen. Generally, if it’s convenient for you, we’ll meet in your office or home. Or, if you prefer, we’ll meet in the privacy of our office.
  4. Wealth Management. We will review and analyze how your investments are allocated, and provide advice on how to position them to help you achieve your goals with the least amount of risk possible.
  5. Tax Reduction Strategies. During the last three months of each year I will coordinate with your CPA to ensure you are proactively minimizing your taxes.
  6. Business Planning. You are not your business, but your Practice is the engine for your family’s financial plan. Each year we will reevaluate your Practice’s valuation and the viability of your long-term and contingency transition plan. This process will help you to better understand the impact of your business decisions on your personal finances.
  7. Estate Planning. We will work face-to-face with you and your attorney. We’ll review and update your estate plan annually, with a significant, highly focused, review every five years. This process will establish a plan for your money to make it to the next generation in a cost efficient, private and protected manner. We will work with your attorney to create a structure that will bring your heirs closer together and avoid conflicts about money after your death.
  8. Goal Accomplishment. We will proactively track your progress towards your financial goals, and help you to develop a detailed strategy for accomplishing each one.
  9. Income, Expenses, Cash & Debt Management. You will have a lifetime year-by-year estimate of all your expenses and you will know where the money is going to come from each year. We will show you exactly how much cash reserves are needed and what should be done to get to keep it there. We will also give specific advice on how to reduce and eliminate your debt, according to a timeline that makes sense.
  10. Financial Plan Safety. We will assess any threats to your financial life and look for strategies that can increase the overall safety of your situation. We will review different types of insurance and tell you which is appropriate as well as discuss the amounts you should have, or if you should have it at all.
  11. Personal Attention. Unlimited Phone, Fax, Email, One-on-One Meetings. We want your “here’s what I’m thinking about” questions, not your “hey look what I did” comments on anything having to do with money or finances. We can help you avoid a potential mistake. Think of this as “Big Mistake Insurance”.
  12. Access and Transparency. Our clients have personalized secure websites they can use to monitor their personal and business resources. You’ll finally be able to see a consolidated report, updated daily, of your entire financial picture. If you prefer, you’ll also be able to “drill into my analysis” viewing every detail; that way you’ll better understand the math and assumptions relevant to your circumstances. Behind the scenes, we use detailed cash-flow models for your personal and business situation, Monte Carlo forecasting, up-to-date research, collaboration with recognized specialists and our years of experience to analyze your situation and provide you a step-by-step action plan toward reaching your goals. Monte Carlo Analysis is a mathematical process used to implement complex statistical methods that chart the probability of certain financial outcomes at certain times in the future.

We won’t pile pounds of paper into a folder just to show you how much of your nest egg you can spend. It’s not my style. As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional and former Nuclear Engineer, Jake is most comfortable when he does all the mathematical gymnastics first. As a former attorney, Dawn wants you to know that the client comes first. That way, we can look you in the eye and remain confident that recommendations will stand the test of time.